East Coasting Poker and Life

So, after 8 or 9 years living out West in L.A. and San Diego and spending my Summers spent in Las Vegas for the WSOP, I decided to transition back to New Jersey!

A number of reasons contributed to my decision, but mostly the move had to do with the fact that my Family and friends are mainly on the East coast, combine with me wanting to get involved in something ‘bigger’ then just playing poker. I am looking to open up a new business, which I will be announcing soon, which is not poker related.

I want poker to be a good sized, enjoyable part of my life, not my life entirely.

I also have a feeling this will ultimately improve my poker performance and reinvigorate my passion for playing.

After only a few months back, I am extremely happy with returning back to New Jersey. Shortly, I plan on moving into New York City, which I am about 30 miles West of now. I Love NY

Me and my Warby Parker glasses

Stylin' in Warby Parker glasses

Every once in a while, I change my look, and when I picked up this pair of Warby Parker glasses, I knew I had found a new style I could embrace. I really love these glasses and instantly feel like they make me look smarter! Then I found out that when someone buys a pair of glasses, the company gives away a free pair to someone in need, which is definitely the type of company I like to throw my support behind. It is not their slogan, but with Warby Parker’s on, I can ‘See the Love!’

When you’re ready to purchase, you can order directly online or, since they don’t have stores, you can order their “Home Try-On” for FREE. You’ll get 5 pairs that you want to try on sent to you in the mail. You then have 5 days to try them on and return them via the pre-paid postage they provide you, and notify Warby Parker of the style of glasses you’d like to order (completed by providing WP your eyeglass prescription and pupillary distance online).

I was introduced to Warby Parker’s through my friend and owner of 8th Wonder Innovation LLC, Lindsey Nagy. He chose “Green” for “GiveYourSole.com ‘s support of the homeless” just like Warby Parker offers “pink” glasses for Breast Cancer. He “met the owners of Warby Parker while “Delivering Happiness” with the Delivering Happiness Book Team in NYC.

ANY ProPokerSchool Member who would like to receive an ADDITIONAL 10%-off a pair of WarbyParkers can enter “WPLovesGiveYourSole” on their website!!!


Its that time of year again!!!

Welcome back to another wonderful October season! The slowroll, the red-headed step child of poker, for one month of the year gets all the attention and love it deserves, I present to you the 4th annual Ganktober!

First off, whether you hate me, love me, hate the slowroll, or love the slowroll, I want to thank you in advance for being a part of a really awesome month! If you log in to play in October, you are undoubtly going to see a rediculous increase in slowrolls, and chaces are if your not slowrolling, your getting slowrolled!

Why would I start something like this?

Personally, I love the slowroll, it has always amazed me how much more a poker player, sometimes even seasoned veterans, would be effected by being slowrolled, and sometimes even just witnessing a slowroll. There is not a more emotional weapon in poker. Yet, it frowned upon, but why? Because it is unsportsmanlike? I do not buy it, as a competitor, I am cut throat(with-in the rules), and when I have something in my aresenal that may get a player to play poorly against me, not just for that day, but maybe for months or a lifetime, and I shouldn’t use it because it is not nice? Maybe if we were playing uno, but poker is war, and if I can tilt my opponents, using the same oppurtunities that everyone else has to use as well, I do not hesitate. So from my personal love of the slowroll, I started Ganktober to get the poker community to give the slowroll another chance, and to be open to giving it the love and attention that I feel it deserves.

So please join me in celebrating what is always a very fun and controversial month!

p.s. Anyone who slowrolls me sucessfully in October will get an insta $10 shipped

Summer Time in Sin City

So with the WSOP over, I decided to stay in Vegas and grind for a while. I have been playing a lot online and have been doing well! We are about to start the Gank Open league back up, so click on the Lock Poker link on the ProPokerSchool.com and sign up for an account so that you can compete in the series of $5 tourneys against myself and other PPS members!

Keep Swinging!

WSOP in Full Swing!

The WSOP has been running about a week and I have played in 2 events so far. The $1500 O8 I made day 2 but was knocked out short of the money, and the $1500NL I only lasted an hour or so as my opponent put a beat on me early to decimate my stack. I feel great and have had the best couple months online that I have had in years, so I am expecting big things and have a high level of confidence!

Gank Makes Final Table of LAPC $545 Omaha 8/ Stud 8 Tourney!

After a long day battling through a solid field of 133 players, we are down to the final 8! I was up to over 80k in chips, but ended the night with a slightly below avg stack of 47k. Limits are high though, so its pretty dicey from here on out! Looking to catch some fire!

Lock Poker Signs 3 American Stars

ABERDEEN, New Jersey (September 14, 2009) – Lock Poker, a rapidly growing and innovative online poker room on the Cake Network has expanded its Pro Program yet again. Following last month’s promotion of Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch to Director of Product Development, the addition of 10 top North American players, and today’s announcement of 12 International Pros, Lock has signed 3 more American Stars.

Online Legend and WSOP Bracelet winner Brett ‘Gank’ Jungblutt, Vinny Pahuja (he finished top ten in last year’s POY race), and the incredibly hot David Zeitlin all joined forces with Lock Poker.

Jungblut, a member of “The Crew”, was quite happy to achieve his long-desired and overdue goal to be sponsored by an online card room. He was the bracelet winner at the WSOP 2004 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event to go along with a myriad of online accomplishments which have garnered a cult following.

Pahuja, who left his lucrative position on Wall Street two years ago to pursue poker full-time has performed fantastically on the circuit, has 2 wins in 2009 and had an incredible 9 final tables in 2008. His two wins this year came at Mohegan Sun on July 25th and at The Wynn Classic back in March. Vinny also had 3 WSOP cashes in 2009.

Zeitlin, a former practicing attorney, has 7 final tables this year alone and has amassed over $1,000,000 in earnings since turning pro. He recently won the Mohegan Sun Deep Stack event on July 29th for $136,587.

“We have a true partnership with these players and understand the value of each one of them. With Eric “rizen” Lynch and Lock PRO driving our product we are confident we will have the best online poker experience worldwide” commented Lock Sole Founder and CEO Jennifer Larson.

Jungblut, Pahuja and Zeitlin are clients of Poker Players International, the world’s largest poker agency. PPI founders Eugene Castro and Randall Kasper once again expressed their enthusiasm with respect to the signings as well as the direction Lock Poker is headed.

” Lock is indeed fortunate to add such great players of great character to their ranks. These three are truly top notch, both on and off the felt. These players are also fortunate to find a truly innovative room to partner with.” remarked PPI’s Agency Leader Randy Kasper.

For additional information, please contact:

Randall S. Kasper, Esq. DerrickMaloney,VP, Lock Poker

randy@pokerplayersinternational.com derrick@lockpoker.com

732.522.1627 778.772.6328


Welcome Back to School!

I hope you guys enjoyed your Summer, because it is time to get back to work! ProPokerSchool has undergone some significant changes, and we are sure you will find the functionality 100x better. The home page looks amazing, and can be personalized, from the local weather to the widgets that can be interchanged. This is just the start, as we continue to strive to make ProPokerSchool the best FREE poker school on the Web!

Dream Big!

Back to Normal

The month and a half the WSOP is running, provides a true test of stamina, will, and focus for any of the players that play 10+ events each year. The toll that the body and the mind take is quite significant. And every year, I know it takes me at least 2-4 weeks to truly unwind. Fortunately for me, it is about that time! I have still been playing a lot, and have been using this cool new site to actually sell small pieces of me in online tourneys, so if you ever wanted to have 5% of me in the Sunday Million, now is your chance. Here is the link to my profile, http://chipmeup.pokernews.com/players/show/10906

Anyway, I will be back to blogging more often, and will start the video blogs back up as well.

Good luck this weekend!