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Join a Community of Classmates Who Share the Same Goal of Earning a Bachelor of Poker Degree from Pro Poker School.

Your Education Begins with Access to Dozens of Free Online Poker Video Lessons from World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner Brett Jungblut, other teachers that include Famous Poker Pros Sheets and GambleAB.

Watch, Listen and Learn with Free Online Poker Video Lessons so you can become a winner at the tables of poker websites. Our Poker School Video Library has Over 35 Free Poker Instructional Videos taught by Poker Pros. You must be registered and logged in to watch.

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Poker Videos

Our poker videos aim to teach you poker strategies that are used by pros in tournaments and cash games.

Poker Videos

  • Optimal betting strategy alongside the strategic moves pros use to manipulate opponents into making mistakes.
  • Effective hand reading so you always have a good idea of what your opponents cards are. Then we show you how to use this information to adjust your play on each hand.
  • Correct starting hand considerations that dynamically change during tournaments depending on Position, other players actions, stack sizes, and hand strength.
  • Execution of bluffs that work a high percentage of the time.
  • Timely steals during multi-table tournaments and sit and go's. Strong focus on bubble play strategy.
  • Ideal use of position during hands.

Using the Poker Video Lessons

Members receive unlimited access to our training videos.

Poker Video Instructors narrate their poker videos with play by play decisions in detail with clear, easy to follow concepts that you can apply when you play. Please Take this Opportunity to Watch, Listen, and Ask Questions in Our Institution of Higher Learning.

Get Your Pro Poker School Poker Master Degree by Taking Your Poker Education Serious. Through Dedication, Practice and Learning New Concepts You Will Improve Your Poker Skills and Your Poker Game.

WSOP Bracelet Winner's Poker Videos

Bluff Radio calls Gank, "The most prolific online poker player that there is today." Brett 'gank' Jungblut has been ranked as one of the top 6 best online poker players by Bluff Magazine, and has now in his videos unveiled the secrets he uses to beat cash games, crush sit and go's, and consistently make final tables where he has over 70 multi-table tournament wins.

These exclusive videos give you an in-depth and thorough understanding of the strategies and techniques Brett Jungblut uses everyday to dominate online poker tournaments.

Free Poker Lessons Free Poker Videos

The videos show real online poker games and real online poker tournaments. You not only see Brett's hands and how he plays them, but Brett adds play by play audio commentary to each situation so you learn the thought process behind each poker decision he makes.

Poker School Master

Poker Lessons Covering Most Forms of Poker

At Pro Poker School our skilled poker instructors aim to teach you a very high level of poker. We accomplish this through a series of instructional videos that establish a strong understanding of the fundamental poker concepts and then build upon that to more advanced concepts. Through our instruction you will see your confidence increase as well as your mental toughness. Our goal is to turn you into a complete poker player with courses in many different forms of poker. The poker games we teach here at Pro Poker School include:

Another good way to learn how to play poker is to play in an online casino in a "practice mode".

No Limit Texas Holdem Video Lessons

No Limit Texas Hold'em Video Lessons, you will learn the strategies for tournaments, sitngo's, and cash games.

No Limit Texas Holdem Video Lessons: The world's most popular poker game is broken down in detail by our experts.

Limit Texas Holdem Video Lessons

Limit Texas Holdem Video Lessons: Learn the keys to grind out a profit and improve your fundamental understanding of Hold'em concepts that will improve your play when switching to No Limit.

Pot Limit Texas Holdem Video Lessons

Pot Limit Holdem Video Lessons: This increasingly popular style of poker allows experienced players to outplay less experienced opponents by having the option to bet up to the size of the pot which makes mistakes more costly.

Limit Omaha Hi/Low Video Lessons

Limit Omaha Hi/Low Video Lessons: The fundamental concepts are established which readies you for pot limit omaha hi/low.

Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low Video Lessons

Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low Video Lessons: Rising popularity, plenty of action, and huge profit potential. Starting hand selection, hand reading skills and odds calculations are key concepts that are taught. These skills will improve your game in other forms of poker like Hold'em.

Pot Limit Omaha Video Lessons

Pot Limit Omaha Video Lessons: Enjoyable action game similar to hold'em but played with four cards in your hand instead of two. You must use two cards from your hand and three from the board to make your best five card hand. The instruction focuses on Pot Limit Omaha tournaments and Cash Games.

Seven Card Stud Video Lessons

Seven Card Stud Video Lessons:Extremely popular before the Hold'em revolution. As an included game in HORSE, seven card stud is still very relevant.

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Video Lessons

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Video Lessons: Hi/Lo games are usually full of weak opponents who consistently make poor decisions. Learn how to take advantage of these opportunities through solid play. Another game included in HORSE, seven card stud hi/low is a fun game with plenty of profit potential.

Razz Video Lessons

Razz Video Lessons: Seven Card Stud played for low. Another game played during HORSE tournaments and cash games, Razz can be very frustrating at times.

Lowball Video Lessons

Lowball Video Lessons: Draw poker variation played for Low.

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